It all started with me

I am no fitness model. I never forget where it all started for me... it's been a journey towards becoming a little bit better every day. I didn't set myself towards perfection nor I think should you. 

I believe living a healthy lifestyle isn't just about maintaining a strong and fit body but it's also about maintaining a strong and fit mindset.

Coming from a very athletic background being a competitive volleyball player to then struggling with weight management, on my personal journey to lose 44 lbs and then achieve a high level of fitness, I've developed passion for learning and seeking continue growth.

My mission is to help you to achieve your health & fitness goals while growing yourself as a person. Growing your self-esteem, your self love, your confidence and truly becoming the best version of yourself! 

I know the transformation I've been thru (and still am going thru) was so much more than what the eyes can see and I know the same can happen to you. 

"The way I see it, is that being active has much less to do with our bodies and much more to do with our minds. How we train for whatever activity we train for, is also training us for life."

Deb Sousa

How can I help you?

The 80/20 Hub
in Inglewood - Calgary

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In Calgary you can come workout with me at the 80/20 Hub!

Our mission is to provide you a space for transformation through nutrition, fitness, mindset development, and connection by creating an inclusive, encouraging, positive and educational community for everyone. Small group fitness, personal coaching, challenges and community events.

Check my class schedule and let's sweat together.

Personal Coaching
Nutrition - Fitness - Mindset

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In Calgary or anywhere in World...

We start with a coaching call to talk about YOUR goals, restrains, lifestyle, nutrition, training... I want to get to know you so we can create a plan that will work for you. I will be your coach guiding you, holding you accountable, celebrating you every step of the way.

My passion is to help YOU to transform and be your best self!

Your best results will come from...

80% Nutrition • 20% Fitness • 100% Mindset

My Thoughts...


How to survive the Holidays?!

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